Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This picture made my heart so full I thought I would just die of pure joy.

James is such a great father. Unlike alot of men he bonds with his babies right away. And seeing his relationship already blooming with Ella just melts my heart.

Ella is easy to love though. With her tiny smiles, her soft cheeks, and her tiny giggles. She's just a perfect fit in our family. These are the moments I will never forget.


~ Joy ~


The Norvells said...

I want to see her! I'm sorry I've been such a lame friend. I have bags (and I mean the large bags you use for yard work) for both Ella and the boys. I guess if I wait a little longer I can throw in Summer stuff too!

Bethany said...

We do need to get together. Maybe one of these days I can come down and see you too. Fridays are now our only mornings free. Let me know what works for you!

The Norvells said...

Oh geez! Fridays are the one day during the week I work! This is going to be difficult :(

Bethany said...

We can do Mon or Wed. Jo will just be in preschool. But it's ok by me!

The Norvells said...

My Jo has preschool those days too :(. Maybe a Monday when he's off??? The next one is Nov 7th! Maybe if we get it on the calendar now, it won't change!!!