Thursday, August 25, 2011

If Only....

A few days ago I agreed to help out my MOPS group by making the gifts again this year. Last year was not my year with the gifts. I thought they came out tacky and lame. SO this year I got all inspired to be cute and creative. I started looking through Pinterest and got so many amazing ideas!
I also got this amazing idea for a DIY Anthropologie necklace. So I went to the craft supply store to get what I needed. I was totally overwhelmed. I was just standing there looking at the things I needed, and then left; empty handed. I couldn't decide on what type of chain and clasp to get. I am totally out of my element here.
I thought to myself "well at least I'll be able to do my MOPS gifts really cute". This, was not the case. What I had in my head came out much cheesier. Argh! I have so many ideas, so much desire, and yet I am struggling to put it together. Maybe I just need practice, and somebody to help me. Oh how I wish my crafty sister was here!!

At least I got a cute hairstyle from my "crafting attempt"

I am loving this new braid craze!


The Norvells said...

Story of my life! I am making curtains for the kids room and there isn't one straight stitch! Oh well, it's the thought right?

Bethany said...

At least you will even try to sew. I just buy iron-on hem tape to do all of my "sewing". Unless it's a button :}