Thursday, October 13, 2011

Webcam Shenanigans

James and I recently had a great decision to make. Our old PC was on it's way out and it was time for the dreaded computer purchase.

My sister had recently bought a MAC and told us that it was amazing. At a staggering $1200 for the least expensive desktop, we had some serious considering to do. I went into the Apple Store loaded with questions, and came out dead set that I wanted to own one.

It has been SO much fun! I can't even begin to tell you all of the amazing features that it possesses, but my most favorite is the iPhoto and all of the editing I can do with it.
I have been dreaming of doing some more photo editing with all the pictures I have, and a while back I had gotten a trial version of Photoshop; only to realize there was no way I would be able to learn it all without a class.

But the MAC makes it so easy to do some fun edits. Here's a few of my favs from editing

~Our Wedding~

~My sister's beautiful family~

~Josiah's Makeup Skills~

But the most fun aspect of it all is that it comes with a webcam. I'll be honest and admit that webcams have always freaked me out. But the boys are CRAZY about it. I'm mean really crazy about it. We've taken a million of these....

"Help Me!"

~Brotherly Love~

~Yep...Embracing the Camera for sure!~

Anyway...I think we'd make a pretty good looking alien family.
Don't you?

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Samantha said...

I love how kids just can't resist photobooth! The best part is coming back to the computer to find pictures they took themselves. :D

Très bien said...

Haha so cute! I want a MAC so badly! Maybe one day...

natalie said...

i love my macbook pro. good investment for sure. :) photoshop is so fun. my kiddos love it as well. fun pictures, by the way!

adventures with 4 under 4 said...

amazing how that happens when you walk into an apple store. although, i've owned and loved macs for the last 10 years.

and my boys love our webcam too! we have so many pictures of them playing together & i love it.

you should stop by my blog. i had 4 boys in 3 years...never woulda thought at 27 i'd have 4 kids but the Lord definitely had other plans.

popped over from emily's.

Lacey said...

I love Macs too! haha My kids really like the photo effects in photo booth, it keeps them entertained for hours! I once had three kids three and under too! My kiddos are now 4, 3, and 2. :o)

Found you via the tag-along hop and am following you now. :o)

Little Miss Nerd Girl

Jackie said...

Adorable pic of your boys kissing your daughter. And I love the funny one at the end. Thanks for your comment on my embrace the camera post. Wanted to say..the hat is from Osh hardware store (in the garden section..they have lots of colors) They're usually 20-25 dollars...and have and spf of 25. I only wear them because I was diagnosed with lupus two years ago and I have to. But I've learned to embrace my hats and accept that this is just something I have to do to stay healthy. :) Hope you're having a great weekend.