Monday, October 31, 2011

What I Love About....James

What I Love About Monday Is Here Again's what I love about

My handsome hubby

He is romantic
{like, scavenger hunt proposal, romantic}

His is a courageous Man of God

He plays with the kids every chance he can

He is a family man, through and through

He is an amazing help to me
{he even does the dishes}

His deep love for kids
{greatest P.E. teacher around!}

That he is reading the book of Obadia in the Bible right now

He is crazy generous and giving

He loves our couple's Bible Study as much as I do

He supports everything I want to do, even when it's a bit silly

He instantly bonds with his newborn babies

His obsession with sports
{but more specifically his crazy love for Nebraska Cornhusker football}
{that he thinks his Nebraska hat is "lucky" and must be wearing during the games}

That he can't watch scary movies
{good thing...cause neither can I}

That he's a t-shirt and jeans kinda guy

That he is a true Spiritual Leader

He gets embarrassed for people on American Idol or any other audition show and has to leave the room

His compassion for the needy

That he is such a gifted teacher

His humor
{love his laugh}

But what I love about James the most

I know that whatever I do or whatever happens to us He will ALWAYS be by my side.
He is devoted to God, our marriage and our family.

I am truly the luckiest woman alive.

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