Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Great Debate: Christianity and Halloween

It's such a huge topic of debate to Christians.

{Do you celebrate Halloween as a Christian?}

I understand both sides of the argument.
I grew up in a home that chose not to celebrate it. As a child, I didn't know the difference and I never felt as though I was missing out on anything. My mom and dad were wonderful, and gave us movie and treat night at home. It was fun for us. They felt as Christian parents it was not the right thing to be exposing their children to, or celebrating.

The roots of Halloween or "Hollows Eve" are not "creepy". It was began as an act to wish the souls of the departed a chance to get into Heaven. Through the years it has become a goulish holiday and quite scary.

Trick or treating even began in the Medieval days when the poor would go door to door asking for food.

Today, trick or treating and celebrating Halloween has become a huge affair. My husband and I, being fully devoted to the Lord, have thought it to be ok to have our kids dress up and go trick or treating. I will not allow my kids to dress in devilish costumes or really scary costumes. That is a personal choice we have made. We think that keeping it about candy and costumes is great.

I will even admit that it has quickly become one of my favorite days of the year. I LOVE seeing all the cute kids dressed up in the fairy, princess, football, and firefighter costumes. I love watching the kids eat candy, and hearing my boys say "trick or treat". It's adorable!

It's sad to me that there is so much debate and hostility. The church should be unified. This is not to say that each Christian should agree on everything. But we should never choose to tear each other down for one's belief on a "non salvation" issue.

This is our choice as Christian parents. I know you may or may not agree with my stance. But I do know this....you'll agree that my kids are cute in their costumes!!

My lost boys.

My "best costume" award winner. Tinkerbell.
{I forgot her glitter shirt in this pic. Super cute naked Tink}

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Josie said...

Great post! I grew up in a very religious home and am now raising a Christian family and I LOOOOVE Halloween! We grew up celebrating Halloween--not celebrating the devil in any way. Now, I think of Halloween as a holiday to celebrate creativity (I've always had handmade costumes growing up and still do!) and a day to meet new people (at truck-or-treat events, around the neighborhood etc). So I hope that I can pass that onto my kids. I know a few Christians that do not celebrate Halloween but hey, it's their thing. I know I love the Lord and so does my family. :)Thanks for sharing! New follower from Soleil Selene :)

Emily said...

Hi! We weren't really allowed to celebrate Halloween growing up, really. We always went to the Harvest Festival at church rather than going trick or treating. My mom only made us costumes because we had a costume parade at school in years K-4. Honestly, I didn't really care and I still don't. The most fun part of the holiday is dressing up my two dogs in silly costumes.

It's too bad that such a trivial issue is blown out of proportion by some people.

Simply.Lovely.Things said...

New follower from Grow Your Blog :)

What cutie pies you have!!

Megs said...

I think it is sad that there is so much debate over Christians and Halloween. I'm a Christian and we always celebrated Halloween and I never once thought it was a devil holiday. It is just fun and exciting!!

Your family is beyond adorable, love the pictures!! Found your blog from Soleil Selene :)

Rocky Mountain Lodge and Cabins said...

Being your Mom that chose not to celebrate halloween while you were growing up, I do not have a problem with your choice to celebrate it with your family and children. As a Christian, we all have slightly different beliefs in many things, and I do not judge you, or anyone else that chooses to celebrate halloween. I still have my same personal opinions about the holiday, and reasons that I choose not to celebrate the holiday, but that's all it is, a "personal opinion". I do not believe that this is an issue that should be a source of contention between Christians in the church. With this issue, and many others, I can choose to "agree to disagree" and have respect for your choice and not judge you for it. And, your kids ARE super adorable!