Tuesday, November 29, 2011

{To Do List}

I'm overwhelmed. I'm nursing baby Ella as I type this....(yes, literally)
{by your third you can type and nurse at the same time}.

I have a TO DO list that's kicking my booty!

While I am so thankful for my new found creative outlet, and the "creative juices"; I am also feeling overwhelmed by all of the projects I want to get done!

So on my TO DO list:

1: My Bible Study:

2: Finish my Family Rules Sign:

3: Make Ella a holder for all of her bows and clips:

4: Finish, deliver, and mail some of the clips I've sold

5: The Dishes, The Laundry, and Everything Else Home Related...

6: Return Clothes I've borrowed for Ella

7: Go To The Bank

8: Try a few new ideas I've come across:

9: Makes the gifts for my MOPS ladies:

10: Christmas Shopping/Crafting

And yet...here I am typing....
better get to work!!!

Today I'm linking up with Yes, Teacher for Tickle Me Tuesday


Kelly said...

i love the necklace.

Kristy said...

Ambitious, I feel tired reading your post, yet I understand the same desire!

Elissa said...

I have "To Do List" and "Reality Check List".
No one tells you that exhaustion is one of the "gifts of motherhood".
Those ornamental are divine :)

rreynol3 said...

WOW! And I feel stressed and overwhelmed. How 'bout I take one or both of your boys from YOU so YOU can actually get stuff done ;-)

Sarah B. said...

Love those ideas you came across - especially those gifts for your MOPS ladies :) Good luck on your list!

Summer-Raye said...

How do you like the bible study so far? Im looking for a great one?