Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I LOVE my MOPS group. I can't talk about how much they have saved my sanity. I've met my best friends there. And I've grown as a mom there.

}Sarah and Me Embracing the Camera {
(we've got kids the same ages so we commiserate together)

There have been many moving speakers; but today was probably my favorite yet!

He came and spoke about how it is our responsibility as parents to be raising Godly children

We can't drop them off at Sunday school each Sunday and expect them to grow up loving Jesus. It's just not going to happen. We have to be the example of what a relationship with Jesus is supposed to look like.

Here's where it gets dicey for me.

I have to take the time for my kids.

I have to get away from the computer, the laundry, the dishes, the cleaning, the organizing, and the "me time"; and teach them!

I have been feeling really convicted lately about this.

Where are my priorities? Am I putting my kids first? Am I putting my relationship with the Lord first? And I putting my marriage first? Or am I putting me first?

While the first three things in that list are truly nobel things, only one of them is the correct answer. I need to be putting Christ first. When I do that, all others will fall into the order in which I'm called to do!

But alas.....
I put myself first over and over again. I spend time on the computer, when I could be doing my daily devotions. I spend time crafting when I could be teaching my children. And I spend time in front of the TV when I could be spending time with my husband.

So how do I remedy this?

Here's what I've decided to do.
1. Limit myself!
~1 hour of time a day to "waste" aka- on the computer or in front of the TV

2. Spend 20 min a day with Jesus...alone and uninterrupted!

3. Take 20 min a week to do a family time devotional with my kids.
~ Here's an amazing site that can help with activities and ways to do devos with our kids!

4. A DAILY devotional with James
~ Right now we're doing The Love Dare daily devotional for couples : )

5. Get a chore list.
~I feel like if I could schedule out my daily chores I could be much more effect with this.

These are my priorities right now! I'm praying that God can help me stick to it!

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Kristy Lehman said...

I am in the same boat as you! Need to prioritize life and to look at big picture. Great seeing you today!

rreynol3 said...

And I only have one kid and can't prioritize. I've been doing all my time with God WITH Abby...but I think I use it as an excuse of spending personal time with Him. I guess that's where I can get off the computer or get out from in front of the TV, or maybe even wake up early. Argh...but how much better God can use my time than I can.

ssandstrom said...

Sounds awesome Bethany!! Weird that we didn't talk about that because I have been really feeling convicted about my priorities lately too! Although even more convicted after your blog...it looks so good on paper, if only it can translate to real life! AAAhhh!

Wendy said...

Oh, I totally know what you mean! But I also know that if I don't take the time for just me.... I'm definitely not the mom/wife i NEED to be. Now it's about finding the balance between it all.....

Sounds like a great speaker! I too met one of my best friends at our moms group.

Princess Pookie said...

OMGoodness...you are a busy momma! Cutie blog and cutie pic!;)

Lydia Lyn said...

I have been married for eleven years and I have two kids but I am JUST NOW really getting my priorities straight. Let me say that making a chore list is an AWESOME IDEA! It is exactly what I do.

I am new to the blogging world and would be honored to have you view my blog... maybe give some tips? www.theholeinmyhandbag.blogspot.com

And, I'll be checking in on your blog too! Maybe a mother of 4 might have some tips for this mother of 2.

Jenny K said...

I LOVE my MOPS group, too!

Anonymous said...

wow, I love your posts. I found you on the blog hop, the title of your blog called to me :) Guilt as a mom is huge, I have 3 kids myself, and know all about it. But don't be so hard on yourself!! It looks like your doing a great job! And if you speak in your own life the way you write for your blog, I'm sure you're being an amazing role model to your children as a mom, person, and as a Christian!

Leanne @ Because (I think) I Can