Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Too Busy To Love What I Do

I have been so busy this past week.

I had my second show for Clip Clip Hooray and all my new accessories. It went GREAT! But for the few weeks prior to the show I was so busy making all my accessories. My children were neglected, my husband was neglected, my hygiene was neglected, and my house was neglected.

Even though the show was a success and I got my name out there, I am now desiring to take a break from it all!

I have missed crafting for fun. I miss the days when I first discovered pinterest and was able to just craft away at any little project.

I had a lot of shoppers ask me if I loved making everything that I had to offer. And I would truthfully answer them. "Yes. I LOVE to create a new clip, or a new necklace, or headband. But what I don't love it make them in mass quanities". Does anybody else feel like this?

I have only had Clip Clip Hooray open for a couple of months and I am ready for a break. My entire family is ready for a break.

I am so thankful for the business and support. But I want to get back to what I love to do the most!

Here's what I've been "tickled" by lately.

I want to paint my bathroom and laundry room this color! ASAP

Learn to sew on my new sewing machine!

Organize my garage.


Organize my craft table.

Well. You get the idea. I want to be organized, clean, and FINISHED. Nothing is finished, completed, or put together.

But I am so thankful that things are starting to slow down. Just a few more necklace orders and I can take a little rest.

Thank you Jesus for giving me a peace I can only find in You!
And thank You for little moments like this, to remind me what's REALLY important!

Sweet Ella and Micah

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Kristy Lehman said...

I love how you speak from the heart. Why do I always feel like you speak my life too! :)

Elissa said...

Here's praying we get to do what we love soon. My bedroom is that color. Unfortunitly it has been for the last seven years! And needs repainted.

Meeling said...

Oh how I wish my garage looked like that!! Dream!!!

The Norvells said...

It's all about balance sister! Since I work from home, I only allow myself certain "working" hours, just like if I was really going to work. Just pick a few blocks of time each week to do things for your business and stick to it. Let your kiddos know that it's mommy's time, and soon you'll all adjust to the routine.

Sarah B. said...

What beautiful examples of organization!! Hope life calms down enough for you soon! And Ella and Micah are adorable :)

Lori said...

i looooove this. especially the picture of ella and micah! :)