Friday, April 13, 2012

About Me

I'll start by introducing myself to any of you who are new here!
Thank you so much for stopping by my little slice of "outlet".

My name is Bethany and this is where I try to chart my memories of early motherhood.
I'm a terrible journaler" {this is a word I made up…because I can do that here}  and I never print out photos. So this has been the perfect tool for me to vent scratch down those memories.

I am 26 27 (the hubby just pointed out that I am in fact not 26..geeze) years old and have 3 {yes 3} children. I was married to the best man at age 21, and within 4 years of marriage had 3 children.

Yes…my husband is very handsome. Thank you for noticing!

You can see a little more about me here.

{~Micah 3  ~Ella 10 months  ~Josiah 4}

I am trying my best to raise children who will grow to love the Lord.
I am growing in my walk with Christ, but I don't think I'll ever be as close to Him on this earth as I would like. I am broken, fragile, and sinful. But Christ is full of grace {and I need a lot of it!}.
You can find a little more of what I believe here.

I will not try to tell you that I have it all together. It's not even close to that in my house. I often neglect my house duties (for instance I have had a load of wet laundry in the washing machine since yesterday morning….shoot!}. I will lose my temper with my kids (working on that one). I will let them run around naked ( we really class up our neighborhood), and I let them play in the mud, often.
More on who I am as a mother here.

But I love my family with all my heart. And I'm so grateful for a husband who supports all of my crazy.
I am always changing. As a mother of such young kids, so close together I am forced to learn to adapt. And I am forced to work on my patience…daily!

I would love for you to stick around. Read my ramblings. Hear about my joy, my pain, and my life.

It's a crazy life I live. But I am so blessed! I still don't know why God trusted me with this amazing family. But I am so grateful He did!

Thanks for stalking peeking into my life.

Stay a while!

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Kelly said...

Your kiddos are just SO sweet!! Thanks for sharing!

Kelley, Brendan and Baby Brix said...

Wow You have your hands full! Visiting from UBP

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

hi! stopping by from the UBP. you're kids are beautiful. i've got two boys myself, but i don't know if i could handle a third right now. they keep me pretty busy! ;-)

Shantel said...

What a beautiful family and a busy life!! I bet having 3 kiddos is fun and a handful at the same time. I look forward to getting to know you so please stop by and say hello! Happy Blogging! From UPB12

Christa said...

you have a beautiful family and im pretty sure im going to love your blog!
newest follower :)

Kate said...

Hi, here from UBP! You have a beautiful family! I am on my way to 3 kiddos right now and look forward to the fun and chaos I know it will bring! Looking forward to getting to know you and catching up on your blog!

Ms POSH said...

Your children are sweet.

Stopping by from UBP to say hello.
Have a great weekend!


I love the beautiful photos of your family.

So glad to meet your through the UBP. Happy party day.



Hall Family in MD said...

Adorable kiddos! Love that you have music on your blog! Found you via UBP12.

melissa said...

you have a beautiful family! im a new follower from UBP and i am excited to continue reading about you and your family.

i have wet laundry sitting in my washer since last night :(

Nicole Marie said...

Such cute kiddos! Nice to get to know you better (:

Meredith said...

You love parentheses just as much as I do!!
How cool!

That picture of your kids is precious- you daughter's expression had me laughing and saying "awww" at the same time.

I love your sense of humor, and I love being challenged to leave a "witty remark" as a comment. :)

Thanks for a great read!!

Jenn @ My Not So Glamorous Life said...

I've got just a few years on you, but I'm juggling 3 kiddos too. And neglecting chores. And letting my kids play in mud. Lots of mud.
Looking forward to following your journey! Thanks for sharing with us!

Josie said...

Stopping by from the party! Excited to follow along and read about your adorable family, oh and enter this give away!

Koala Bear Writer said...

Hey! I'm dropping by from the UBP. I like the title of your blog. :) I also have to remind myself of my age (or subtract my birth year from this year...) and I wish I was a more patient mom... someday, maybe. :)

Recovering Working Mom said...

Great perspective and what a beautiful family! Good luck with your adventures- 3 under 4 must be a wild ride! Cheers from the UBP!

~Heather from Recovering Working Mom

Bethany @ 3SonsPlus1...and.... said...

What a beautiful family! A fellow Bethany saying hello from the UBP! =) You sound a lot like me (when I was 27 about a million and a half years ago) with 3 little ones so close together- only mine were all boys. We were blessed with our sweet daughter through the miracle of adoption, so...happy happy ending!

Shelly said...

Hi! I'm a new follower from the UBP 12. I am a momma to two boys 4 and 2 and have a little girl on the way due in June. I can relate to a chaotic house (in a good way of course). I'm also trying to be a better mom each day while enjoying every moment with my kids. I look forward to reading more from you.

Ladies Holiday said...

Happy UBP!! What a cute family you have! And writing is a great way to keep yourself sane and record and share all the fun and amazing things with kids as they grow up. Looking forward to checking out some more posts. Have a great weekend.

Elise said...

Hey there! Stopping over from UBP! I will definitely be back!

God bless,

Jamie said...

Hi, Bethany!
I hopped over from UBP and I'm so happy to "meet" you. (Totally cheesy, I know!)

I'm your newest follower and I'm looking forward to reading more about you and your precious family because, well, my life was unexpected, too. Thank God!

Cherry said...

Visiting from UBP12 - enjoyed my time here, especially your sweet photos of your family!

Cascia Talbert said...

Nice to "meet" you! Just dropping by from The Ultimate Blog Party I am looking forward to networking with you and getting to know you better! I hope you have the opportunity to visit our blog!

Serena said...

Love this little intro! I think when you have toddlers you have to have a sense of humor! from one ridiculous mom to another I appreciate that!

Court said...

So pretty... all of you and this page. And yes. I do stalk some sites from time to time :)

Nicki said...

Your whole page is just lovely. I was touched by how grateful your heart is for all that you have been blessed with. You also made me laugh. Keep the faith. I will be back

aimymichelle said...

i am a new follower from the party i hope you'll check out my blog follow and comment!

Audrey said...

I think it's not just your husband who's good looking! Woo-wee you have a very handsome family and happy looking family! Thanks for inviting everyone to pop on by! #UBP12

Coffee Lovin' Mom said...

Hi Bethany - glad to be here. Your family is gorgeous, can't wait to watch them grow with you! PArty on!

Jenn said...

Hi, I'm stopping by from the UBP! Beautiful family! I was like you, married young then had 4 kids in 3yrs (a set of twins made that # jump lol) so I totally understand those early years but I love having my kids close in age. I now am a homeschooling mom to 6. Kids are such a blessing!

OneMommy said...

Stopping by from the party -- lovely family! Mine are close in age - 19 months.
Gorgeous wedding pic!

Enjoy the party!

Audra said...

Visiting from UBP! Your heart must be so full with those sweet babes! I know how overwhelming and at the same time awesome to have little ones so quickly! While we waited 8 years, we now have 3 boys 3 and under! I look forward to getting to know you better!

~ Audra