Thursday, April 26, 2012

Photo Bombing and Firsts

 My boys are obsessed with the webcam on our Mac. 
Every time I jump on the computer they are jumping on my lap. 

I was trying to get a picture of this necklace I made {as a reference for length}.

Josiah stuck his head into the frame. 

Just at that perfect moment. 

I'm glad he did. It's so cute! And he gave me a reason to embrace the camera

In other news….Josiah is now riding his "pedal bike" exclusively.
This is what he learned to ride a bike on.

This photo is from March of last year. Jo was going CRAZY on his Strider (notice it has no training wheels or pedals). The goal of this bike is to teach them balance first. It worked great! 
He probably could have been riding a "real" bike 6 months ago if we had one that fit him!

This is the first time Josiah hopped on his "new pedal bike". He was so proud of himself. And we were so proud of him too! We take walks to the park and he's off and away. He's like a boy now…where did my little guy go? 
And here she is….

Standing up on her own.

On April 16th she took her first 2 steps and broke my heart. My baby is growing up.
It's been a bittersweet past couple of weeks.
I want my kids to grow, but I want them to stay dependent on me (except for wiping their own booty).
These little "firsts" are what makes being a parent so much fun.
I'm so glad for modern technology so we can capture every single moment!


Brandi said...

Love the necklace! Seems like somebody is always sneaking into pictures around here too! I've also been strangely acute to the growth of my kids these past few weeks. It just flies by!

Erin said...

I seriously love all the jewelry you make, I got my anniversary necklace and am excited to wear it today! Your kiddos are so sweet! It is fun to see them grow up, but hard that they are at the same time. :)

rreynol3 said...

I can't believe they're getting so big. I can't watch them grow up cause it makes me so sad, but I am so blessed to "watch" them grow up. I love them. I miss them.