Monday, April 30, 2012

What I Wore Wedding Edition

Love this idea of showing off pics of our wedding attire!

James and I were married nearly 6 years ago at my parent's Bed and Breakfast  in the mountains.
The setting was GORGEOUS.
Check out their site if you are needing a little vacay…let's be honest…you do!

We had $8,000 to budget our entire wedding on.
I was actually shocked when my parents told me that.
I didn't think we'd even come close to needing that much money.
A little naive right?

My original plan was to wear my Mom's wedding dress, which her Mom had worn. 
It was lace, gorgeous, and the perfect fit. The only problem was that the lace was worn, torn, and discolored. I was devastated. I had wanted that to be my "something old". 
So then the hunting began.

{Aren't I the best model ever?}
I've had to turn down so many bridal magazines to be their model

So with a budget like that I was really trying to look for an inexpensive dress.
My mom, sister, and I looked and looked and looked. Store, after store, after store.
I felt truly beautiful in every dress, just like a dream.
When I put the final dress on I knew I loved it.
It was a staggering $900 (without alterations) and I was ready to walk away.
My Mom told me to get it. She said it was perfect…and convinced me to take the plunge ; )
As a special addition my Mom handmade my veil (to my bridezilla specifications)…it was lovely. 

I obviously couldn't take a "real" wedding pic
epic fail at the sexy pic

When James and I were engaged I was working at a Jewelry store (score!). 
So I was able to get my jewelry custom made, and at cost!
I love my simple gold and pearl drop accessories. They are timeless and easy to still wear.

Can you see those shoes!?!?
I wish I had more reason to wear them today.
They were $100. Ridiculous.
But I have a size 5 shoe and it's nearly impossible to find really gorgeous grown up shoes. And these were perfect (of course).

I'm kind of  really old fashioned, and that translated into my love of this sheer lace back. It dips to my lower back and continued into my gorgeous train. I had it bustled out instead of in, so that it was on display during the reception.

What a day….what a dress…what a man.


Chiwei @ One Dog Woof said...

So funny, I love your pics! I was a bit silly during my wedding too, so it's hard to find a picture where I wasn't making a weird face. I guess I was just high on adrenaline! Anyways, love your dress - the lace is beautiful!

Lindsay said...

You are so cute. That dress - wow! Stopping by from Absolute Mommy!!

Ashley said...

I love that lace back! If we ever renew our vows I want my dress to have lace details like that. :)

stopping by from the link-up!

Amanda said...

I love the lace!!! So beautiful! You were a beautiful bride!

I wore simple pear earrings and a necklace too. Love simplistic beauty like that.

Kelly said...

SOOOO pretty! I LOVE your dress girl!

Kristina said...

Such a beautiful dress!! I'm so happy to find your blog too!! Your newest follower! :)


Esther said...

love the lace! i'm a sucker too :) and how lucky are you that your parents own a bed and breakfast?! awesome. i'm a new follower via bloglovin. :)

Courtney said...

I love the beads and lace on your dress… especially the bodice…such a lovely gown! Cracking up on the garter picture…your facial expression is "I am woman hear me roar!" LOL

elise said...

new follower! :) I love the back of your dress. so much! absolutley gorgeous!

AbsoluteMommy said...

For sure what a dress! It was beautiful and so are you!
Thanks for linking up!

The Norvells said...

Such a gorgeous bride! That was a great day. I think Jason still has pictures of you (& me!) on his website!

Kasey March said...

Love the back of your dress! Found you through Abosolute Momy and then saw you again through Case Wiegand's link up and had to comment!

Kasey M.