Monday, October 7, 2013

Home Tour {Ella's Room}

I've finally gotten around to showing you another room in my home tour.
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Are you ready for an overload on your "girly" senses?

Daddy's Baby Girl by Jimmy Needham on Grooveshark

Ok…I warned you….

I'm about to show you Ella's room. It's by far the girliest, brightest, and pinkest room in the entire home. As it should be.

I went for a very girly "garden-esc" room. I love green, and pink, and white. So this is what happened.
It's like a garden fairy threw up in here. And I love it. I can't help mylsef!

Here's a closer view of the circle of butterflies. I got these 3D butterflies at her baby shower and I painted a few more onto the wall to give it a bit of dimension. It's so fun!

I also got her this flower nightlight at IKEA and knew I needed to paint behind the nightlight to give it that "pop".

And my talented sister made Ella this butterfly mobile.

She needed a tutu table…of course!

I love the wall decals, and the ballerina bow holder.  I know….I have problems…

But can you blame me?? Look at her door!!
Adorable. Just precious. 
It's like her own secret when she's in there and the door is closed. 

I made these darling little rosette flower balls for her 1st birthday party. They fit perfectly in here.
I found the tutorial here.

I have a friend who is such a talented artist and I had to have this print in baby Ella's room. It was the perfect addition!

Her great grandpa made her the shelf and she's worn both of those rompers. I will never, ever depart with those.

This is her life verse (Matthew 5: 14-16) {you can learn why we pick out verses here} and I was so happy that I could use some of the fondant from her baby shower cake to embellish it. It's like a little memory keeper!

My dear, sweet sister in law painted that canvas for her. Talk about talent!

And… of course her curtains. The best part of the entire room.

It just happens to be my most popular post as well. I give you all the details on how to hang curtains this way! Isn't is just lovely?!
So there ya have it. Are you totally pinked out? I adore it.
I will be so sad if ever one day she decides she hates pink.
At least for now she's super girly. I love it.

And I just have to show you her little tree during Christmas. Never too much sparkle…right?

Thanks for joining me on this tour-de-pink. Hope you'll stick around a while!



Rachel said...

And you know I LOVE IT!

Sarah Schultz said...

I love it! It is so "girly".

Carissa Rasmussen said...

definitely girly! so cute