Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April's Fashion Choices

Living in CO can be so crazy. The weather was nearly in the 70s yesterday and today it's snowing….again. 
Seriously…I'm thankful for the snow…but I'm snow over it (did you like how I did that?)
So here's what our fashion choices have looked like this month.

And here is fashion according to Ella 
A Sock on the knee is for "fashion mommy"

 And here she is…posing. 

And just a few days ago we were all in our swimsuits…getting some sun.
That girl… 

And now it's snowing….again.


And that is why you never "change your closet" over for each season.
You just never know if you'll be wearing tank tops one days and snow boots the next.

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Sarah Nicole said...

I totally know how you feel! I'm your neighbor over in Nebraska-It was 80 degrees yesterday and today they are saying it could snow! Crazy!

Loving your blog by the way! Your Ella is so precious! :)

Harrovian Mama said...

I live all the way in London, England and we're having the same problem! Today we're out in the sunshine, this weekend it could be hail. Who knows?! Think I prefer more defined seasons-definitely helps with what to wear!

Your kids are precious! And so is your blog!