Monday, May 6, 2013

Hello Monday

Hello Boys.
Each morning you greet me when I climb out of bed.
You are always waiting for me on the couch, watching your cartoons.

Hello Coffee Pot.
You're my best friend. You make me a better wife and mother before 8 a.m.

Hello baggy sweat pants.
I don't think I want to wear real clothes today.

Hello spring!
I have waited patiently (that's a lie) for you all of April!

Hello to my surprising garden finds.
Things are growing that I didn't expect. My peony is coming back!

And the sweet mint! That means I get to say HELLO to sweet mint tea and mojito again!

Hello gym.
You are I sure have a love/hate relationship. But I sure do feel better, and for that I thank you.

Hello ClipClipHooray.
My shop is keeping me busy. Those Mother's Day orders are piling in!

{find it here}

Hello Monday.
Hello May!

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Denise said...

oh, what a sweet way to start off your "hello monday" with your little on the couch. i miss those days.

enjoy the week!

Kristin C said...

Such a cute picture of the boys!