Monday, May 13, 2013

One Happy Momma

One. Lucky. Mommy.

Just for memories sake…here's a pic from last year

Ok….back to 2013

It was a really fun mother's day. I always love this day, but this year was so nice.
It started with James making me his egg avocado sandwich and coffee (so tasty). Some adorable new sandals and temporary tattoos (Josiah knows that I want to get another tattoo and picked me up some…he's so darn thoughtful…and yes….I will wear them).
For the record, my husband has awesome taste in clothing that he buys me. How about these sandals? I LOVE them!

We then went to church where they had set up a hand pampering station and snacks for all the women. A hand massage on mother's day? Yes, please!

Then I picked out flowers and veggies to plant. Oh, how I love to garden
Then off for lunch at James' mom's house. 
When we came home I got to plant my garden and all my pots. It just soothes my soul. 
I would say that today was great and I'm certainly spoiled.

Jo's flipping out. 

Thank you James. You treat me like a princess (he also surprised me with this dress). I love you, and I know I don't deserve you.

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