Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Letter To Micah

Dear Micah,

I love you. I love who you may become and I love your spirit.

You are the boy who is always busy.

Always running, jumping, yelling, growling, dirty, and messy. So messy. So very, very messy.
You put your feet on the table. You never wear pants (it's adorable), you are constantly covered in food and scratches. You snore, you drool, and you can't seem to figure out that a spoon is more useful than your fingers.
You spill nearly every meal. You just don't pay attention.
While these things may not seem like qualities any mother would love, I love them because they make you who you are.

You adore to cuddle, kiss, hug, and touch. You always want to express your love for others. Telling me I'm pretty, and telling daddy he's so strong. You tell Ella she's cute, and JoJo that he is the best. You express your love and you can turn even my worst mood into a great mood. You make my heart sing.

Your spirit amazes me. I wasn't expecting a child like you. You are so strong, so courageous. When you jump into the water, you go head first. You are fearless, you are bold, you are relentless.
You don't complain when you are sick, or hurt. You don't even notice if you are bleeding.
You will be a bold man of God. You will have a deep desire to speak truth, and you won't be afraid of those who don't agree with you.
You are a protector. You always fight for me, and Ella; I don't see that changing anytime soon.
You will be outspoken, courageous, and humble. You will be a person that people want to follow, but you will never notice how they adore you and desire to be like you.

And you are so handsome. Like, really handsome. I'm a bit nervous about you and your dashing good looks. I'm going to have to fight the girls for you. Don't worry, I'm praying about your future, and the future of your wife. She'll be a lucky lady. 

I mean, who wouldn't want…

All. Of. This.



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Rachel said...

I want kisses and cuddles from my Micah! Just what I needed to reflect on this morning. The amazing qualities of the crazy characteristics of our kids. Love you Beth. Love you Micah.

Cropped Stories said...

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