Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Favorite Workouts

I don't always love to workout. 
It's hard, it's uncomfortable, it's awkward (especially in a gym), it's sticky, and smelly. But it works.
The hardest part is getting the motivation to actually go to the gym.

But to be honest, I love it when I'm there (98% of the time). I love the sweat, the soreness, and the endorphins it produces. I also love to eat without feeling like it's just going strait to my love handles. 

I think it's hard for women to get started because they don't really know where to begin. To be honest, this is one of the toughest things for me to. For example I love doing weight training and I HATE cardio. But for the ladies, this is proven to be the most beneficial for fat burn. 

So here's a typical routine for me at the gym. And yes…I have to go to the gym..or it won't get done.

20-30 min cardio
This is usually jogging or spinning on a bike. 

I was shocked to learn how many calories an intense 20 min workout on a spinning bike could burn! You can tell through the amount of sweat too : ) Here's a link to where you can download a plan you can listen to when you're at the gym. 

I will also do some high intensity interval training for a great and quick cardio workout. 

I sprint the straights of the track and walk the turns for a mile, it takes about 10 min and it produces results so quickly. But it's exhausting…I won't lie. 
You can learn more about that here

Then I move into some strength and muscle toning exercises. 

My favs:

Check out all those muscles it works! I try to hold this as long as I can. I'm usually getting a little shaky when it's done (about 60 seconds at least 3 reps) 

Booty Workout
This one is fast working. You'll feel it the next day for sure!

Find this entire booty workout here. It's my favorite butt exercises! 

Lower Abs

I have abdominal separation after having children, so I have a lower pooch problem. The fat under my belly button is impossible to get rid of. So this is why cardio and working on my lower abs is so important. 

This is a great site for working those lower abs. 


I tend to build muscle easily and my arms get bulky in no time. I have found that it is crucial that I use light weights (I'm talking 3-5lbs max) with lots and lots of reps. 
Here's a great site for lean arms. 

All Over Body Routine
When I'm at home I also love Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. (That's the link to the actual video you can watch)
20 min of an intense workout and your done. She does an awesome job at mixing cardio with strength and toning. I love a quick and effective workout! 

So there ya have it! These are my favs, and the most effective (for my body at least). 
What are some of your favorites? 


Becca Acker said...

These look like great exercises to try. I like that illustration of planking, to get a visual of what muscles are being worked. Would love to have you share this at my Healthy Tuesday hop. :) ahumblebumble.blogspot.com

Margaret Reed said...

I LOVE this post! I have not been going to the gym, I have been working out at home. I have paid for so many gym memberships and do not maintain them so I gave up. But...I think I am gonna go for a week, my son has a membership and I am gonna get a pass just to do something different...I love that plank picture, I am your new follower from the Healthy Tues Hop
Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose

Katie @ Made to be a Momma. said...

Great exercises! I hate the whole getting sweaty part too...but I always feel sooo good after I am all done! :) Would love to have you share these at my party!

Holy Craft said...

Great ideas! I hate having to work out at home. It is hard for me to get anything done, but there are days when I just have to. It's always nice to spice up my routine so I'm not getting stuck in a rut. And I'm a mom of three that used to have the diastasis. It was so frustrating to work out and feel like it wasn't doing anything for my abs. I had it fixed a few years ago and love it! A five inch separation! And I hate you that your arms tone easily. I lift 15 pound weights and can't get that sexy definition that I want!

Morgan S. said...

Yay! I've found a fellow gym rat! :) Great exercises - my go-to's right now are barre classes 2-3x per week, Spin 1-2x per week and then a cardio/strength training session twice a week. I am also training for a half marathon! Good for you for being so motivated! Hope you'll follow back at www.styleoyster.blogspot.com

Liliya Prokopchuk said...

One of the best posts. I recently started to do planks so far I can hold it for 50 seconds