Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Look at this girl.
She perfect.

Until she throws a tantrum.

Then… she's still adorable.

Here's the thing about Miss Ella... she's smart. Her capacity to comprehend and understand what we're telling her is unbelievable for her age. She's not even two years old and understands and repeats nearly everything we say.

She knows how to manipulate us cross her arms to look "upset". She knows to use a napkin when she eats. She knows how to tug at our (and her brothers) heartstrings to get what she wants.

My favorite is when she comes up to us and says "I'll hold ya!" when she wants to be held.
It's adorable.

But those little tantrums…oh girl…you're going to be a handful!

So, this is what it's like to have a girl.
….We are so in for it….


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Rachel said...

There's been a couple of my little sisters who are just so darn cute even when they're being naughty that it makes things a little harder on those of us who are supposed to enforce discipline and good morals! :P