Wednesday, April 10, 2013


All throughout the Bible God is trying to get through to us about idols.
He's begging and begging us to love him first, and wholly.

You have to listen to this song!

Clear The Stage by Jimmy Needham on Grooveshark 

Jimmy Needham is a true poet, who is truly connected to Christ. And James and I adore his music.

In this song he has so eloquently written a song about idols. He has such a gift of stirring my heart towards Christ and away from myself. Here's some of the most powerful lines of the song.
Shine a light on every corner of my life until the pride, and lust, and lies are in the open. Read the word and put to test the things you've heard until your heart and soul are stirred and rocked and broken. Cause you can sing all you want to. Yes, you can sing all you want to….and still get it wrong. Worship is more than a song.
Later he even says
Anything I put before my God is an idol. Anything I love with all my heart is a idol. Anything I can't stop thinking of is a idol. Anything I give all my love is an idol.  
I have SO many things that I put before God that are idols in my life.
I put "me time" in front of him. I put food/fitness in front of him. I put money in front of him. I put my vanity in front of him. I put my children in front of him. I put my husband in front of him. Each day, I put nearly everything in front of Christ.

Don't get me wrong, making your family a priority in your life is crucial. God is not asking us to walk around with a Bible in our hand and neglect our family. He's asking that we make him priority number one. He's wants to indwell us and direct our lives, while we are living this life.

I heard one of my mentors once tell me that instead of putting things in front of God we should weave him throughout our lives. So when I'm having "me time" and I'm watching TV and I'm surfing the internet, make sure that I'm still communicating with him. Letting his Spirit stir me in a way that directs my thoughts towards him, not away….(how I love my celebrity gossip).

When I am coveting my friend's new purchases, instead I need to be rooted in God's calling of my family on how we spend our money. I need to listen to him when he tells me none of my money is mine to begin with, it's his.

When I'm spending time with my children and my husband I need to put Christ at the center of our lives. Let the Holy Spirit stir in our hearts and let me be intentionally teaching my children to become lovers of Jesus.

When we actively put Christ at the center of our lives, he will automatically weave throughout all of our past "idols". He will become number one without it having to feel like a "chore".

What a difficult thing this is. Idols are designed to be easy, fun, and fulfilling. But nothing… more fulfilling than a life rooted in Jesus.