Thursday, September 12, 2013

A {Beautiful} Mess

The theme for our MOPS group is awesome this year.

I don't think it could be any more applicable to my life as a mom.
It's the crumbs, the drool, the boogers, and the blow outs that make my daily life so messy.
We have late night visits to the ER, bloody knees, and tummy bugs. I am under showered, over stimulated, and exhausted.

This mess can seem to take over. I cannot catch my breath. I am surrounded by chaos, stress, and meltdowns. The kids are fighting, and whining.
I just filled up their milk cups just to have it be spilled onto the floor…another mess to clean up.
I am surrounded by toys, dirty laundry, and dust.
The mess is overwhelming.

Sometimes I dream of a day when I will clean a room and it will actually stay that way. 
The day when my loft can be relaxing movie room, craft room, or study; instead of just a playroom. 
The times I try to imagine my life without the mess I am quickly reminded that it is my children that cause this mess. 
One day, their rooms will be empty, there will not be any owes to kiss, no more runny noses to wipe.
They will grow up, go to college, get married and clean up their own messes (and the messes of their filthy children). 

So in the meantime, I will try and be reminded that those messy fingerprints on the sliding glass door are left from the ones I love the most.  

I made this little video for our MOPS group. It's made up from pictures from our leaderships group. It's awesome!

So please, if you are a mommy…watch this and feel "normal".


Wholesome Womanhood said... the video!

Kristy Lehman said...

Amen sister! Glad to have you in my group again. You summed it up well with a beautiful mess except it sounds like you are describing my life how did you know we went to the ER last night! ;)


Rachel said...

I love this. Way too perfect for our house and our messy life. Thank the Lord for His redeeming love!