Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Turn a Shower Rod into a Wrought Iron Curtain Rod

I've had these curtains for my boys since before Micah (4) was born. They were ok…nothing special. But they get the job done.
But I've always hated the curtain rod. I bought a really cheap one and naturally, I bought it too small. So it's always been on the verge of falling off the wall.

Then just the other day the kid's shower curtain rod broke. Shocker.
I was just about to throw it out when….

I had an idea….
I'll fix that old crappy curtain rod!

Waste not…want not…right?

I turned that shower curtain rod into a brand new, faux wrought iron curtain rod.

The only problem was there was no way I could get the old end caps onto the new rod.
Unless….wine was involved, of course.

I grabbed a wine cork to see if it would fit…..and…..

It fit perfectly! I added glue to the cork and the edges of the knob to make sure it was super secure.
P.S. E-600 is the best glue ever!

Cheap Matte Spray Paint ($.98 at Wal-Mart) and…

I had a new curtain rod…for free!
I also painted the cheap silver brackets with the matte paint.

The curtains with the loops on the top might be the only one's that work. Because the end cap was glued onto the rod…I have to use curtains that will fit over the knob.
Lucky me…I already had them!

And there you have it…
New curtain rod from trash. I'll take it!

The best part is always seeing how much I just saved…

These brackets alone were $10

And this guy is $40

I'm pleased. A new makeover for the cost of $1 can of spray paint.


Rachel said...

Looks awesome!

Leslie Lambert said...

Wow...great project! I never would have known this was DIY! This would be great to link up to Create It Thursday #21…it's live now! Hope to see you there!