Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WIW: Stripes & Boots

 Guess what…..
Fall is here! I'm so excited.
The leaves are beginning to change.
PSL is back at Starbucks.
The weather is cooling…everything I love about fall is so near!!

That means I get to bust out the boots again. I love my boots.
And I found a new pair for $20. Seriously.
There is nothing like a great deal! Granted they are not the best quality, but at $20 I can replace them in a couple years.

Striped Tee: F21
Jeans: Target
Boots: Amazon $20…seriously!
Bracelet: Sammy Dress $4

Hello Fall….you are beautiful!


Charlotte said...

I see we share an affinity for fall :) Loving the boots and striped tee, especially the grey color. So cozy.

Char char| 

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

Ah fall! Probably the best time of year! i love those boots - and yes, for $20, you can afford to replace them later!

Rachel said...

That ring is beautiful! And yes, sometimes it's nice to come across some cheap shoes, even if they aren't the best quality, they're cute, and I've had some really cheap shoes last a surprisingly long time! Plus, you don't feel so bad if they end up getting scuffed or something!

The Random Writings of Rachel

Carly said...

Great outfit and a great price on those boots! They are really cute, too. My Target ones were about that much and have lasted 2 seasons so far. I might be in the market for a replacement pair - will check these out!