Saturday, September 14, 2013

CO Flooding

These are some pictures of my community.
Courtesy of The Denver Post.

This flood is absolutely nuts. People in neighborhoods right by me have had flooding.
Flooding…in CO. Where I live nobody has flood insurance. We live on the plains.
We had rain for 3 days straight causing rivers, creeks, and lakes to overflow and pour into neighborhoods and homes.

I used to live in this neighborhood. This is so heartbreaking.

James is helping somebody from our church shovel mud out of their basement right now.

We are so incredibly fortunate to live in a neighborhood that sits high and directly out of any water pathways. We are totally, completely safe.
No water damage other than a little leaky roof.

A lot of my friends lost water connection and we were given the order to boil our tap water.
I won't lie…I started to panic for a minute about the potential to lose our water. I filled every bathtub and sink. Used the filtered water from the fridge to fill up every pitcher, bottle, and bowl. We haven't lost water yet, but we are being conscious in the boil order. Contaminated water is nasty! I don't want my kids putting it in their tummies.
We are also a bit trapped. The roads into Longmont are blocked off due to the flooding of the roads. The major interstate is closed from the edge of Denver to the Wyoming boarder. I won't lie…I feel a little claustrophobic thinking about it.

Boiling water is nothing compared to the loss and devastation that our community has experienced.
I am praying for CO now, will you join me?

I love the innocence of childhood. When I saw rain, I saw devastation; my kids saw a fun tag game (in their undies, naturally).
Never grow up boys….never.


Wholesome Womanhood said...

Praying for you, your family, and your community.

Tania said...

I have a few friends and family who live in some of the effected areas. We are praying for you all.

Jere Leach said...

It's overwhelming how one event that no one has control over can change so many lives in an instant, isn't it? It's unfortunate that so many people in your community were affected but I'm glad that your family was safe and that your home didn't suffer much damage. I hope your town has recovered and that this won't happen again any time soon. -Jere @ Yancey Home Improvements