Friday, September 20, 2013

Just Say "Yes"

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My poor kids.

I tend to be a pretty strict mom.

I try to be fun-loving; easygoing. But it's hard for me. I'm not sure why.  I don't know if it has to do all the piles of dirty laundry, or the constant noise. Perhaps, it's just due to the fact that I'm trying to keep them alive.

I always thought I would be a mom who played with her kids. I thought I would wrestle everyday with my boys, bake with my girl, and do crafts. It makes me sad to think I can't find the energy or time to do these things.
Don't get me wrong…I will let the boys capture me, and then I'll have a tickle war with them. But I can't do that for very long. I mean after 15 minutes I'm spent. I can play board games with them…but after one round of Sorry I need a nap. I'll bake with Ella, but then I have to clean it up…so it doesn't happen very often.

To make sure they know I'm in charge I'll say "no" for no real reason. Like in the morning my boys love warm milk (so weird)…but I''ll say no. Why? I feel like it's just easier for me to say no then give in to them. I don't want them thinking that I say yes to all of their requests either.

They are respectful kids; sweet kids. And yet, I worry about their future.
I want them to grow up to be responsible, God fearing, compassionate, and respectful human beings. So I teach them to obey, speak politely, and listen. What tends to manifest through my desire is that I can be strict. Too strict.

I've been trying to say yes to the little things more. It's not a big deal that they still want to drink their juice out of a sippy cup, right? Or that they hate wearing socks with shoes (gross). Sometimes they will ask for lucky charms, and I'll give them cheerios…just because they asked for lucky charms.
Problems, Bethany….you have problems….

I'm really not that strict with them being "kids". I let them run around in their underwear, and jump on the couch (don't worry…it wasn't expensive). I let them get cavities eat fruit snacks, play ninjas, grunt, growl, kick, and punch. I let them make a mess, and try not to cringe as they do it.

It is just a hard balance to find. Between being a "fun" mom, and raise kids who are respectful and polite. Granted my oldest is 6…I should probably just relax…

I still have a few years to control their minds teach them.


Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness, you sound JUST like me! I totally let my boys be crazy little boys at home, but I also feel, quite often, that I'm too strict with lots of things.

But you're right - where do you draw the line between letting them get (some) of the things they want, and teaching them to respect you when you tell them no?

Parenting isn't for the weak. :)

It sounds like you're doing a great job, though!

Scraptasticfun said...

I know how you feel. I have to mentally remind myself to laugh, to say yes to the crazy requests sometimes, to be extra goofy just because. I feel like it's fun to surprise them with a yes to something really wacky!

Rachel said...

You and me both. And the sad thing is I'm an even stricter mom! Not your poor kids, my poor girls!! It's been a challenge this week to lighten up. Ugh. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement to let my kids hear more "yes's" than "no's." They need them.

Tania said...

Fear not dear warrior mom you are not alone. I often feel this same way. Anger and frustration come out when I feel like when giving them an inch they take a mile. We never stop growing and learning until the day we die. Onward and upward right?!